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We made it!!!

Kuala Lumpur

33 °C
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After flying for 19hrs, we’ve made it!!! We have finally arrived at KUALA LUMPUR!!!!


Hey everyone. This is G. I’m travelling with my two buddies Philly & Adri from Calgary to Kuala Lumpur. For those of you who don’t know where or what is Kuala Lumpur; it is the capital of Malaysia which is a country in Southeast Asia. Being a bunch of new grads from the tourism program, we thought of widening our horizons and travelling to exotic places such as Malaysia.

Just a little titbit about Malaysia. This country is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multilingual society. Even though the official language is Malay; people also speak Mandarin, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.


So this morning we decided to explore this wonderful city. We left before noon because it can get really hot during the day. KL’s temperature ranges from 21 °C to 33 °C during the summer, so wear comfortable “reasonable” clothes.
Getting around Kuala Lumpur is fairly easy & comfortable. You can travel by bus, car, train or any other local transportation. The local currency is Malaysian Ringitt and 1MR is 31cents CAD.

We travel by train from the Raja Chulan station to the KLCC station. It was approx a 30min comfortable ride and people were really friendly on the train. Our first stop was the famous PETRONAS towers aka the twin towers of Malaysia. They were the world's tallest buildings before being surpassed by Taipei 101. Admission is free but a ticket is needed to enter the building and can be purchased at the Lower Ground Level of the PETRONAS Twin Towers. All baggage and personal items - including all types of camera - will be scanned by Security so I recommend bring/carry just essential stuff.


This building is just hugeeeeeee!!It’s a combination of both corporate offices and leisure shopping. You can find all the famous stores, there is a food court and ATMs can be found on almost all levels of the building. Basically it is like any other major shopping mall but BIGGER! One can never get tired of shopping.

The sky bridge was the main attraction. This bridge connects the two towers and you can get a really good view of Kuala Lumpur from this point. I was so nervous to look down because I’m 558ft above ground!! But it’s the view of the city that is the main craze.

After this we visited the Aquaria. No it’s not JUST an aquarium; it’s also a foot therapy center. Yes a foot spa where every visitor will experience a fun and enjoyable time soaking their feet and having them nibbled by the famous Garra rufa. This fish is also knows as the “doctor fish”. Yes it does sound gross and not animal friendly but hey! if it’s good for the feet why not? Its RM67.90 ($21.00CAD) for the aqua zone and aquaria combo.


We visited the Petrosains. It’s a Science Discovery Center just like the TELUS world of science but better! It a combo of the Royal Tyrrell museum and the TELUS center and for MR9.70 ($3.00CAD) it’s worth a trip. Plus Adri won a Playstation at the mini music quiz :D

After this longg and fun day, we ended up having dinner at a local restaurant. We dined and clubbed at The Grand Modesto's. The food is just amazing especially the STINCO D'AGNELLO AL FORNO – it is Roast lamb shank in red wine, brushed with herbs. Really good. Must try this if you’ve never eaten lamb. And of course, life for a couple of young adults is boring if we don’t go clubbing ;)

Oh and we’re staying at the Radius International Hotel and for RM135.79 (42cad/night), I say it’s an awesome hotel. Really nice, comfy beds cause PG is snoring away…

So keep you guys updated, until then Selamat malam :)

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